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  • Biodex System 4

    Biodex System 4

    Redesigned seat accommodates athlete to pediatric applications, however does not lay fully flat. Easier to use Software features include: Reduced floor space Improved Work Simulation exercises Good after-sale support, installation and continuing education programs Isokinetic Resistance Mode The Isokinetic Resistance mode for testing and rehabilitation is totally accommodating throughout the entire range of motion. Biodex’s…

  • CSMI Norm

    CSMI Norm

    Norm from CSMI The HUMAC NORM is the number one solution for measuring and improving performance in the clinic, training room, and research laboratory. The best value all round machine available. Unparalleled Mechanical, Dynamometer, and Software Design Developed for the Exercise Science Lab and perfected in the Physical Therapy Clinic and Athletic Training Room the…

  • Con-Trex Multi Joint

    Con-Trex Multi Joint

    Con-Trex offer several different isokinetic devices including: Con-Trex Multi Joint System: With the dynamometer on a swivel arm the Con-Trex MJ System offers good flexibility. The seat can be positioned for full lying positions. Very high torque levels from it’s AC motor, but does need a good power supply to reach it’s potential. The Con-Trx…