Con-Trex Multi Joint

Con-Trex offer several different isokinetic devices including:

  • Multi joint system (this is a ‘normal’ isokinetics machine)
  • TP 500 (this is a trunk module similar to the CSMI back module)
  • LP (this is a full stand alone leg press an extremely robust unit)
  • WS (this is a column based unit like the BTE for functional assessment/movements)

Con-Trex Multi Joint System:

With the dynamometer on a swivel arm the Con-Trex MJ System offers good flexibility. The seat can be positioned for full lying positions. Very high torque levels from it’s AC motor, but does need a good power supply to reach it’s potential.

The Con-Trx offers a Ballistic Mode which affects the acceleration particularly in eccentric contractions. According to the University of Freiburg in Germany, patients can reach up to 30% higher speeds on a Con-Trex system than with a conventional Isokinetic System.

Ballistic mode is said to be ‘inertia-free’ which¬†avoids excessive joint loading in physiologically unfavourable positions. This mode does seem to have an affect making acceleration ‘smoother’ in real applications.

The patient’s seat is adjustable from vertical to flat bed.

Load, testing and training protocols are controlled by the CON-TREX human kinetics software. The user can select:

  • Torques and velocities
  • Standard or customized treatment templates and protocols
  • Ability to replicate almost any functional activity

The following modes are provided:

  • Classic isokinetic mode: con/con, con/ecc, ecc/con, ecc/ecc
  • Ballistic isokinetic mode:  con/con, con/ecc, ecc/con, ecc/ecc  
  • Classic isotonic mode: con/con, con/ecc, ecc/con, ecc/ecc
  • Ballistic isotonic mode: con/con, con/ecc, ecc/con, ecc/ecc  
  • Isometric mode: pull, push
  • Combined modes: con/CPM, CPM/con, CPM/ecc, ecc/CPM  
  • CPM (continuous passive motion)
  • Simulation mode (e.g. walking)

Position controlled and other specific profiles (mathematical position / speed profiles, corresponds to CPM with variable, but strictly position defined speed). These modes are intended to reproduce physiological loading.

TP 500:


Having used this leg press machine it can reach very high torque levels and very high speeds. This unit is well beyond those from other manufacturers.