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  • Hip Abduction / Adduction

    Hip Abduction / Adduction

    Another test rising in popularity due to FAI and falls. Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI): Hip muscle function has been said to be altered in patients with FAI. Casartelli et al. (2012) described decreased isometric muscle strength (tested using an isokinetics machine) of the adductors and abductors compared with controls.  However, Diamond et al. (2015) only found…

  • Shoulder Abduction / Adduction

    Shoulder Abduction / Adduction

    These movements can be performed in either the standing or seated positions. There are currently no standard examination positions for abduction and adduction of the shoulder. During the movements of the gleno-humeral joint there are always relative movements within the scapulo-thoracic junction. These are usually described as fitting a set of established normal patterns. These must be considered…