Norm from CSMI
The HUMAC NORM is the number one solution for measuring and improving performance in the clinic, training room, and research laboratory.


Unparalleled Mechanical, Dynamometer, and Software Design

Developed for the Exercise Science Lab and perfected in the Physical Therapy Clinic and Athletic Training Room the HUMAC NORM Isokinetic Extremity System is the machine of choice across all disciplines and around the world.

Mechanical Design

Patented inline design is space efficient, quick to set up, includes 22 standard test & exercise patterns, and is the most stable platform in the market.

Dynamometer Performance

State-of-the-Art Brushless motor offers the widest performance envelope from 1/10 ft/lb and 1/16 /deg/sec to 500 ft/lbs and 500 deg/sec. Ability to rotate the shaft 360+ degrees makes work simulation patterns possible.

Intuitive Software

Intuitive HUMAC Software makes it easy to learn and operate the HUMAC NORM Extremity System. Vivid and unique exercise displays help keep patients motivated. Full-page test, progress and group summary reports make it easy to communicate baselines, progress, and performance relative to local norms.

Try Before You Buy

USA only

Offering 22 isolated-joint movement patterns, four resistance modes (isokinetic, isotonic, isometric, proprioceptive and passive) and numerous reports to meet the measurement and exercise needs of today's clinicians and researchers.
The HUMAC NORM includes attachments to perform 22 isolated patterns covering the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. Isolated patterns are used to accurately and carefully measure and build the foundation for safe functional testing and exercise. 
Optional extras:

The Johnson Anti-Shear Dual Pad Accessory with adjustable fulcrum allows the clinician to select the correct amount of counterforce necessary to control anterior shear during knee extension. This prevents excessive stress on repairs, healing, or chronically lax ligaments.

Johnson anti shear


With the TMC the HUMAC NORM is perfectly suited for testing and rehabilitation in a fully functional, standing position. The motorized footplate ensures accurate patient positioning. The low inertia input assembly and lightweight attachment enables patients to begin rehabilitation sooner.

Trunk Module


The Work Simulation Package allows clinicians to simulate an unlimited number of real-life and occupational patterns. The attachments include an assortment of handles and knobs, a steering device, a gripping device, and a push/pull device. Because the HUMAC NORM's dynamometer shaft rotates ten revolutions (3600 degrees) in the same direction, you enjoy a greater range of exercise options.

work tools


The optional CKC expands the HUMAC NORM from a rotary device to a linear device. Use the rugged CKC to test and exercise patients in linear, closed chain patterns. The CKC includes attachments to perform a single and bilateral leg press, and bilateral chest press.

closed chain unit


The HUMAC NORM standard colors include a black plastic shroud and a silver frame, industry first yellow accents (actuating component) with black upholstery. If your color needs are different we invite you to select the color shroud (white or black), frame (black or silver), and upholstery (unlimited) that matches your facility. We can embroider your logo onto the seat back. Custom colors and embroidery requests slightly increase final price and delivery time.

custom colors


HUMAC Wheel adds linear functional patterns to the HUMAC NORM Extremity System (think cable column). Includes attachments for arm curl, row, internal rotation, external rotation, squat etc. Attaches in under one minute and is available for existing CYBEX NORM Extremity Systems with HUMAC and HUMAC NORM Extremity Systems. With the HUMAC Wheel the HUMAC NORM is the first system to truly bridge the gap between Extremity and Work Simulation machines.

norm wheel

Time is a limited commodity in every setting. To combat this problem, we developed the HUMAC. The HUMAC Software was designed with one goal in mind - move the user from patient setup to report in hand as quickly as possible.
The HUMAC offers a variety of easy-to-read, easy-to-interpret reports. Full-page reports are in color and can be printed, previewed, e-mailed, or exported. Raw data is automatically saved so results are always calculated using the current preference settings.
Manufacturing Process
HUMAC NORM Systems are manufactured just outside Boston in Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA. The HUMAC NORM consists of four compenent groups -metal fabrication, computer, electronics, and software. The manufacturing process is performed under our ISO9001 Certification Process.