Top Versatility with Con-Trex Multi Joint System.

With the dynamometer on a swivel arm the Con-Trex MJ System gives you the largest possible flexibility. Whether you like to evaluate or train in prone or supine position, this system makes it possible in the easiest way.


Obtaining the best possible functionality again means that patients can train at realistic daily functional speeds.

With the brilliant development of the Ballistic Mode the CON-TREX engineers have proven once more their superior skill. Attested by the University of Freiburg in Germany, patients may reach up to 30% higher speeds on a Con-Trex system than with a conventional Isokinetic System.


The adaptable mechanical basis, with an optimum users guide and it's fixing and protocol possibilities, provides reliable and reproducible testing results in all the different loading situations. The resistance, which is adaptable to the performance of the patient, together with the graphic online presentation of the measured values (visual bio-feedback result), guarantees efficient muscle and/or coordination training. The inertia-free behaviour with our Ballistic mode avoids excessive joint loading in physiologically unfavourable positions.

The patient's seat is adjustable from a seat with vertical backrest to flat bed.

Load, testing and training protocols are controlled by the CON-TREX human kinetics software. The user can select:

  • Torques and velocities
  • Standard or customized treatment templates and protocols
  • Ability to replicate almost any functional activity

The following modes are provided:

  • Classic isokinetic mode: con/con, con/ecc, ecc/con, ecc/ecc
  • Ballistic isokinetic mode:  con/con, con/ecc, ecc/con, ecc/ecc  
  • Classic isotonic mode: con/con, con/ecc, ecc/con, ecc/ecc
  • Ballistic isotonic mode: con/con, con/ecc, ecc/con, ecc/ecc  


  • Isometric mode: pull, push
  • Combined modes: con/CPM, CPM/con, CPM/ecc, ecc/CPM  


  • CPM (continuous passive motion)
  • Simulation mode (e.g. walking)


Position controlled and other specific profiles (mathematical position / speed profiles, corresponds to CPM with variable, but strictly position defined speed). These modes are intended to reproduce physiological loading.